Kelvin Brown is the owner and operator of talkwithkelvin. A private practice in which he provides psychotherapy to a population who all too often lacks access to quality private practice level mental health services. Mr. Brown is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who specializes in interpersonal relations and reality testing. He also utilizes various evidenced based practices that are tailored to the clients’ needs while meeting them where they are in their journey.  He services structures that include individual, couples, family, alternative relationships, and/or process groups. He is licensed to practice clinically in Tennessee, Florida, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Virginia, and has a private practice located in the heart of Nashville's Black Community.

He is an avid supporter of the needs, culture, and outlook of the African American community, while operating within an African Centered framework. Mr. Brown enjoys studying, teaching, and implementing Ancient African history. He recently traveled to Accra, Ghana during the Year of Return. 

Kelvin Brown


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